Judges and Judging

  1. Judging:
    1. The Regional Auditions would be judged by 2 sets of a three team panel made up of two people from the region and one rep of the National Organizing Team. This means the team that will select the regional contestants will not be the same team that will judge the regional finals.
    2. The National Finals will be judged by a 5-member panel made up of professionals in dance and its related fields
  2. The criteria for judging are the following:
    1. Timing – Timing, Coordination, & Expression
    2. Teamwork - (where applicable).
    3. Technique - Balance, Lead/Follow, Active/Passive lead/follow, Frame, Arm Leads/Body Leads
    4. Choreography –Moves are part of choreo and can include: range of moves, variations, difficulty, innovation/creativity, style, use of lines/extensions,  use of space, Furthermore choreo consists of musical interpretation, flow of dance/routines,  clean execution of moves including dips/drops & aerials and the ability to genuinely freestyle.
    5. Performance – Showmanship, Audience Impact, and the Wow Factor
  3. The decision of the members of the board of judges is final and irrevocable.

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