The 2017 National Dance Competition, themed “THE REBIRTH > Promoting Ghana Through Dance”  is indeed the rebirth of the National Dance Championship of the 80’s and 90’s popular referred to then as Embassy Double Do, Embassy Pleasure and Club Pleasure respectively. The Euphoria that surrounded that exercise; the unity that Ghana derived from it; and the many opportunities given the youth of our country to express themselves through dance and be rewarded for it are just a few of the reasons for this REBIRTH.

We believe strongly that this REBIRTH will inspire young dancers across the length and breadth of our country to once again take keen interest in our cultural practices even as they research more into international best practices in dance. We also hope it would teach them about the importance of teamwork & cultural exchange and instill in them strong leadership skills which will guide them as they chart a future for themselves, their team mates and Ghana.

The finals of the 2017 National Dance Championship with see the camping of the regional finalists. Within this period, they will be engaged in the following activities:

  1. Rehearsals supervised by their chosen Choreographeras as well as some of the notable dance choreographers of our time.
  2. Grooming sessions
  3. Branding, Marketing and Communication Skills Sessions
  4. Focused Group Discussions and exercises
  5. Team Projects
  6. Brand Communication Strategy and Planning

It is time for our dancers to become role models once again. Let’s Do It!!!!

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